Coencorp Receives Another Order For A Fully Integrated Fleet Management Solution

2023-02-16 14:52:50 By : Mr. Julian Pang

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877-269-7890 from 8 AM - 10 PM ET

MONTREAL , Feb. 14, 2023 /CNW/ - Coencorp, a leading fleet management solutions provider, received an order in the amount of $40,000 to supply their SM2-FUEL fully automated fuel management solutions along with SM2-MOBILE, SM2-LOCATE and SM2-MAINTAIN to Edward Collins Contracting Ltd.

Edward Collins Contracting Ltd. is a family-owned and operated Heavy Civil construction business out of Placentia, NL . The business employs over 40 people and completes work throughout Newfoundland . With 48 years in the industry, Edward Collins Contracting (ECC) offers a variety of expertise, including road building, commercial site and subdivision development, water and sewer installation, and much more. ECC needed a fully integrated Fleet Management Solution (FMS) to monitor the central yard fuel station and mobile fueling operations in order to maintain its competitive edge and boost operational effectiveness. They also wanted to manage their fleet's maintenance, and implement GPS tracking for their mobile fueling trucks.

Coencorp CEO Ali Tavassoli comments, "We are excited to have ECC as part of the Coencorp family. ECC needed a fully integrated FMS. The construction industry is highly competitive, and companies need an accurate accounting of their costs to stay competitive. An integrated system such as Coencorp's provides construction companies with the ability to automatically record their costs and allocate the expense to the specific construction project. This information becomes vital when bidding on future projects. The construction company can sharpen their pencil to be more competitive and confident in its project cost estimates."

The central yard fueling facility will be fitted with the SM2-FUEL management system, which will run four hoses and enable consumption tracking by employee, asset, department, cost center, as well as automatic recurring reports and exports and the ability to enforce consumption limits by asset class.

Also included in the package is the site controller, with virtually unlimited storage to guarantee continued operation in case of network failure, and a fuel island terminal with a vandal-proof steel keypad, weatherized for harsh ambient conditions, and built-in support for existing RFID cards and tags. A cellular modem for remote support access is being installed providing the benefits of automatic updates, faster tech support through remote access, and savings on IT resources since it is cloud based. A corded RFID reader will allow tracking of fuel dispensed to jerrycans and gas-powered tools. Fifty SM2-FUEL proximity discs are provided for proper vehicle authentication which guarantees the asset being fueled is physically present.

The SM2-MOBILE subsystem will provide ECC's fuel truck with the automation and accuracy to account for their remote fueling operations. The system contains a passive nozzle splash guard tag that will validate product compatibility by automatically identifying the hose and product. All mobile fuel transactions will be automatically recorded.

Mr. Tavassoli adds, "ECC also ordered three Equipment Tracking Units (ETUs) that will provide GPS monitoring and geofencing, and there are plans to add the SM2-MAINTAIN module when the budget becomes available. Selecting Coencorp's fully integrated FMS means a company enjoys the flexibility to incorporate the necessary components as their budget permits today, and add additional capabilities at a later date."

The equipment will be delivered in the coming months, along with the necessary training and world-class support that Coencorp provides all of its clients.  

About Coencorp: Founded in 1991, Coencorp is a leading provider of automated fleet and fuel management solutions. Coencorp develops, manufactures, markets, and supports sophisticated hardware/software systems that efficiently manage fleets of 50 or more vehicles. Coencorp's mission is to improve its clients' bottom line by reducing their highest operating expenses, namely labor, fuel, and asset tracking & maintenance.

Coencorp systems are used globally to manage commercial and industrial fleets of all sizes in diverse sectors, including municipalities, public transit, national defense, oil & gas, mining, construction, transportation, utilities, private fleets, and automobile dealerships.

For further information: Reza Tavassoli at 1-866-263-6267 or [email protected]

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