Diaphragm pump intake value

Diaphragm Pump Air Intake Value Production Overvie   The air-operated diaphragm pump is new machinery for transport and it is the most innovative one. Using compressed air as power, a variety of corrosive liquid, liquid with particles, high viscosity, volatiles,flammable, poisonous liquid can be pumped o

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Diaphragm Pump Air Intake Value 
Production Overvie
   The air-operated diaphragm pump is new machinery for transport and it is the most innovative one. Using compressed air as power, a variety of corrosive liquid, liquid with particles, high viscosity, volatiles,flammable, poisonous liquid can be pumped optically. Products of our company has advantages of complete specifications, fine workmanship,reliable quality, long life, low noise, small vibration, never crash,fire-proof, easy maintenance and so on.
   Our philosophy: service as fundamentalthe quality for survival,innovation for development, attention to details and for excellence. As a professional diaphragm pump manufacturer for manufacturing and sales,we will provide customers with a full set of the most suitable production program for customers to reduce production costs while improving product technology.

Non-Metallic Models Performance Specifications
Models1/2"(50)1"(100)1-1/2" (150)2"(200)
Flow (LPM)
Displacement per cycle(L)0.150.642.542.7
Air Inlet1/4-18 N.P.T.1/4-18 N.P.T.1/2-14 N.P.T.F-11/2-14 N.P.T.F-1
Fluid Inlet1/2-14 N.P.T.F. - 1
1-11-1/2 N.P.T.F. - 1
1-1/2"A.N.S.I. Flange2"A.N.S.I. Flange
Fluid Outlet1/2-14 N.P.T.F - 1
1-11-1/2 N.P.T.F. - 1
1-1/2"A.N.S.I. Flange2"A.N.S.I. Flange
Maximum Air
Inlet Pressure
Particle (mm)
2.95 Kg (050PXXX-S)
4.0 Kg (050KXXX-S)
8.1 Kg (100PXXX-S)
8.9 Kg (100TXXX-S)
28.1 Kg28.1 Kg
Maximum dry suction lift(m)
Noise levelp.s.ic.p.mdb(A)p.s.ic.p.mdb(A)p.s.ic.p.mdb(A)p.s.ic.p.mdb(A)
Fluid Cap /

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 Diaphragm Pump Air Intake Value
Non-Metallic Models Dimensions and Performances Curves

Diaphragm Pump Air Intake Value
Diaphragm Pump Air Intake Value
Diaphragm Pump Air Intake Value
Diaphragm Pump Air Intake Value
Applications of air-operated diaphragm pumps

1. Automobile manufacturing: grinding emulsion, oil, coolant, hydraulic oil, sulfides, lubricator at starting, emulsified oil, paint blending, decontamination tank, cutting oil, mixture of water and glycol, paint spraying;
2. Astronautics and aviation: aircraft refueling and drainage, satellite refueling, solid rocket propellant, missile underground chamber;
3. Beverage: leavening, dregs, hot jam, hops, syrup, concentrates, gas-liquid mixture, liquor and wine, juice, jam, corn steep liquor;
4. Ceramics: slip, glazing, enamel glaze, clay, slurry, lime slurry, Kaolin pulp;
5. Chemicals: acid, alkaline, solvents, mixtures, magnesium hydroxide, paint, sewage, resin,latex, adhesive agent, sludge discharge, stabilizer, filter press, electrolyte
6. Construction: drainage from trench and pool, cement paste, adhesive of ceramics , bricks and tiles, lime slurry, ceiling coatings, pattern spraying
7. Daily Chemicals: detergent, face cream, shampoo, emulsion, hand-washing cream,surface-active agent, hair gel, soap;
8. Electronics: solvents, plating bath, ultra pure liquid, Ultrasonic cleaning liquid, sulfate,nitrate and Nitric acid waste, etching acid, acetone, polish;
9. Tobacco and food: honey, fragrance, spice, salt water, chocolate, vinegar, syrup, plant oils,soybean oil, cat &dog food, animal blood;
10. Furniture: adhesive agent, paint, disperse means, solvents, stains, white latex, epoxy glue,starch glue;
11. Mines: drainage from trench, drainage, coal slime and stone slurry, cement paste, cement grouting, oil transportation, explosive pulp, adhesives, lubricant, foam;
12. Municipal construction: water tank and drainage from trench, sewer cleaning, chemicals,surface sewage, emergency drainage, leakage cleaning, waste oil, oil-water separation;
13. Spraying and coating: resin, solvents, acrylic acid derivatives, wood preservative,solidification spraying, paint, TiO2 slurry, primer paint, stain, disperse means, paint cleaning tank, alkyd resin;
14. Pharmaceutical: plant extract, schistose structure, ointment, alcohol, filter aid, ultrafiltration,plasma, waste solvent;
15. Electroplating: anode sediment, plating bath, paint, enamel paint, solvents, purge tank,filtering;
16. Paper-making: emulsion, adhesives, pigments, resin, disperse means, printing ink, TiO2 slurry, kaolin clay, peroxide;
17. Extracting: sewage from the bottom of a container, oil residue, container cleaning, portable transportation;
18. Tank car: filling and raining of the tank, cleaning equipment of the tank car, acid jetting, foam liquid;
19. Ship-making: bilge cleaning, flushing, skimming of oil surface, sea water;
20. Metallurgy/Casting/ non-ferrous metal: adhesives of metal mold core, hydroxide and carbide, dust cleaning liquid, mold core cleaning, rapping;
21. Spinning and weaving/carpet: chemical printing and dyeing, starch and sizing, resin, dye,emulsion;
22. Sewage treatment: lime milk, thin paste, sewage, chemicals, filling of filter press, polymer,waste water;
23. Electric power: residual oil, oil-water separation, acid, alkali, sewage,
24. Public utilities: pollution solution, loading of cleaning machine, lime milk, transformer oil,resin products.

Packaging & Shipping

        As mostly we deliver by sea, so we package our pump and parts with plastic cloth inside and waterproof outside. The wooden cases are export standard, its thickness is 10mm at least. Also we have professional workers to do this cases.
        We are very near to Tianjin seaport, so it is comfortable to deliver anytime, also the short delivery save the cost.

Our Services

 1. We guarantee our products  must meet technical standard and requirements that promised in the contract.
 2. Wearable parts will be provided separately so that the machine can be operate in a long term.
 3. Professional technical support: our company's technical specialists will help to check and solve our clients questions and problems via email and telephone.


Q1. What is your product range?
Centrifugal pump, slurry pump, sand pump ,gravel pump, Dredging pump, clean water pump, sewage pump, chemical pump, single stage pump, double suction pump, industry pump, paper pulp pump, mud pump, Sludge pump ,etc
Q2. Are you a manufacturer?
Yes,  Welcome to our Factory
Q3. What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation?
Pump capacity, pump head, medium, medium temperature, pump material, quantity, if possible, please also
provide the pump model you are using now, price will be calculated as per the pump model, if not, we will
recommend relevant product for reference.
Q4.  What the the MQQ?
 1 set even 1 piece pump spare
Q5. How the Delivery terms?
By sea.By plane, as customer's request
Q6. How to gurantee the quality.
All our pump and spare parts pass ISO 9001:2008.
We want establish long term cooperation, Quality is our life.

Diaphragm Pump Air Intake Value


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