Automotive Exhaust System Aftermarket Metal Catalysts

Meet Euro 3, 4, 5 emission standard,Conversion rate: CO>96% HC>95% NOx>90%.80,000 kms warranty,Good function of anti-posioned and aging,JFE steel substrate and Heraeus Precious MetalTechnical consulting and emission test service offered.1. Precious Metal:PT/ Pd/ R

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Meet Euro 3, 4, 5 emission standard,
Conversion rate: CO>96% HC>95% NOx>90%.
80,000 kms warranty,
Good function of anti-posioned and aging,
JFE steel substrate and Heraeus Precious Metal
Technical consulting and emission test service offered.

1. Precious Metal:
PT/ Pd/ Rh: German Heraeus / Johnson Matthey
Wall Material: Stainless (Japan JFE, Bao Steel/ TISCO)
Coating Material: Al2O3 and rare earth oxygen storage materials

2. Shape: Round/ Racetrack/Oval
"T" series(one hole)/ "S" series (Two holes)/ Three holes

3. Size: Diameter 100-500mm, Hight: 30-200mm, Cell: 100-600cpsi

4. Usage: For exhaust system of auto engine, like Honda, Suzuki, Toyato, etc.
And Diesel engine, like farm machinery and construction machinery: Tiller, Harvester,
Rice transplanter, Planter, Rice mill, Weeder, Thresher, hoisting machinery, excavator,
Reinforced concrete machinery.

5. Durability: Metal catalyst: 100, 000KM, Ceramic catalyst: 80, 000KM

6. Features:
Low initiation temperature
Low pressure drop
High mechanical strength
Excellent thermal and shocking resistance

7. Conversion rate: 90~95%

8. Quality Control:
Advanced testing equipment

9. Certifications:
SGS, ISO9001: 2008, ISO14001, TUV, CARB

10. More sizes and Spec. Can be customized to your engine
W.T(Wall Thickness)=1.0~1.5mm (±0.1mm)
O.H=Outer Height  I.H=Inner Height  E.W=Edge Width
Ø DO.HI.HE.W(a+b)W.TCell/ cpsi ("T"&"S")
1121151055+51.5±0.1300S/400(three holes)
63.5100905+51.0 (±0.1)200S/300T
63.570605+51.0 (±0.1)100S/200T/300T/400S
601901802.5+2.5               5mm space1.5±0.1200T/300S
5742401+11.0 (±0.1)100T/200T/300T/400S
57333301.0 (±0.1)300/400
53100905+51.0 (±0.1)200T/300T/300S
53120100 (50+50)10+101.5±0.1300S
48.6808001.0 (±0.1)200T/300T
45100905+51.0 (±0.1)100S/200S
45707001.0 (±0.1)200T/300T/400S
42606001.0 (±0.1)300T/400S
42404001.0 (±0.1)300T/400T/400S
3772701+11.0 (±0.1)200T/300T/400S
35100905+51.0 (±0.1)200T/200S
3518171+01.0 (±0.1)500S
20151501.0 (±0.1)200/300T







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